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Spiro, Spero is a game which we created during the Ubisoft Creative Jam [10th Edition].

Spiro, Spero is a small platformer-adventure game developed in 46 hours, the theme of the game jam was “medieval” and the technical constraint was “asymmetric multiplayer”. The game has won the “Coup de Cœur” honorable mention from the Creative Jam's jury. 

In this dark platformer, one player controls Merlin who kills ennemies and the other player is Lux, who guides Merlin with her light.

Controls: see tutorial level

  • Merlin : WASD
  • Lux: Mouse

Participants names and roles:

  • Steven Dien [Game Programmer]
  • Simon Jacques [Game Programmer]
  • Joris Henriot [Game Designer]
  • Suzanne Clemente [Game Designer]


Spiro, Spero.zip 59 MB

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